Retrying requests

The Provider can be configured to retry a request upon receiving a io::Error.

Note: Currently all node errors are received as io::Errors. So, if configured, a retry will happen even if, for example, a transaction failed to verify.

We can configure the number of retry attempts and the retry strategy as detailed below.


The retry behavior can be altered by giving a custom RetryConfig. It allows for configuring the maximum number of attempts and the interval strategy used.

#[derive(Clone, Debug)]
pub struct RetryConfig {
    max_attempts: NonZeroU32,
    interval: Backoff,
        let retry_config = RetryConfig::new(3, Backoff::Fixed(Duration::from_secs(2)))?;
        let provider = setup_test_provider(coins.clone(), vec![], None, None)

Interval strategy - Backoff

Backoff defines different strategies for managing intervals between retry attempts. Each strategy allows you to customize the waiting time before a new attempt based on the number of attempts made.


  • Linear(Duration): Default Increases the waiting time linearly with each attempt.
  • Exponential(Duration): Doubles the waiting time with each attempt.
  • Fixed(Duration): Uses a constant waiting time between attempts.
#[derive(Debug, Clone)]
pub enum Backoff {