Calls with different wallets

You can use the with_account() method on an existing contract instance as a shorthand for creating a new instance connected to the provided wallet. This lets you make contracts calls with different wallets in a chain like fashion.

        // Create contract instance with wallet_1
        let contract_instance = MyContract::new(contract_id, wallet_1.clone());

        // Perform contract call with wallet_2
        let response = contract_instance
            .with_account(wallet_2) // Connect wallet_2
            .methods() // Get contract methods
            .get_msg_amount() // Our contract method
            .call() // Perform the contract call.
            .await?; // This is an async call, `.await` for it.

Note: connecting a different wallet to an existing instance ignores its set provider in favor of the provider used to deploy the contract. If you have two wallets connected to separate providers (each communicating with a separate fuel-core), the one assigned to the deploying wallet will also be used for contract calls. This behavior is only relevant if multiple providers (i.e. fuel-core instances) are present and can otherwise be ignored.